Feminist Ideals Bearing Fruit


I see that men are still being asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. This is despite the fact that men have lost all special treatment or privileges in society. They are required to sign up for any possible future conflicts requiring a draft, whereas,feminist  women, who demand equality, are happy to have themselves excluded from such dangers. Yes, a few do suffer from the horrors of war, but only if the enemy is able to go behind the lines and take out supply or support structures. When they do suffer such a fate the news media makes it seem as if they are the only ones fighting in the conflict.

However, not only have men suffered a demotion at the hands of feminists, they are being systematically dumbed  down by an act initiated by the Bill Clinton administration under pressure from feminists. The so-called "Gender Equity Act" is responsible. As seen, this act is misnamed. Equality is not what is guaranteed.

Teachers have been directed to  give concentrated attention to female students. The time has to come from somewhere, so male students will be neglected.  As if learning were not already difficult for male students who usually begin life behind females intellectually, now they will have even a more difficult time.

Females are being taught to be more aggressive, vulgar, and repulsive. In short, they are being taught to be men. There is a difference, however, female aggressiveness is not natural and must be learned. A conscious decision has to be made to behave in a certain aggressive manner. A males aggressiveness is all hormonal. I can understand a man going off and committing atrocities, but when a woman does it, it’s a decision. A man lands in prison for his missteps but a woman usually receives a sentence of much less duration.  I think since a woman commits such acts by conscious decision she should receive the harsher sentence.

I won’t hold my breath, waiting for justice.

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