Anger at God?


Christians usually ask "Why are you angry at God" when a person rejects religion. This question asserts that there is a God to get angry with. It is a refusal to accept that a person can truly believe that there are no entities in charge of the world.

I have rejected not only the Christian religions but all religions. Not only do I believe there are no gods, there is in reality, no gods.

Furthermore, they are right when they assert that I am angry. The object of my anger is what they are mistaken about.

I am angry for the lies, the deceits, of fellow humans who perpetuate these myths, causing people misery and anguish. They promote belief in something no more real than Santa Claus. This belief system has, however, caused turmoil violence, and unhappiness everywhere it is held. It teaches people to reject their families as well as all others who do not likewise believe. It teaches that there is nothing in this life of value or importance, except the perpetuation of their belief system. It teaches that death is more important than life. It promotes the destruction of humanity as a good thing.

I am angry, but not with any god. I am angry with those gullible humans who have bought into this false reality. I believe that no one who believes in this myth should hold public office, as they are dangerous and may work to bring the end of humanity.

Examine the morals in the biblical text. You will find that though some are commendable, many teach destructive,  anti-human beliefs. Morals exist independent of God, and can be deduced from rational reasoning platforms.

Think about it! If a person examines the Constitution of the United States they will find guarantees within, rights, that were never granted by the Christian belief systems. Yes, the Constitution is more moral than the Bible. Indeed, if Christianity ever gains control of the United States government, the first thing to go will be the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Alarmist? Not a bit! 

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