Atheist Ideologies … 2018

If you wish to remain socially involved in a group your choice is clear. You must accept the ideologies, however irrational, of that group.

As an atheist I am an non-believer. As a total atheist where the gods of human construct are concerned I deny their existence.

Even atheist groups have been infected with irrational ideologies. In my reasoning, the only reason for the existence of a group of atheists would be to promote its acceptance by the public. Yet, when you join such groups you find in them people who are trying to make something more of atheism than it is. It is not enough that humanism has been created for such purposes, now it is decided that as an atheist you MUST accept additional concepts. And so atheist groups now cater to the homosexual, transgender, and the evil concepts of feminism. It has been decided that not only must you tolerate said special interests, you must embrace them as allies. This makes no sense.

These special interests, now privileged minorities, are not exactly the beloved of society. Most of society rejects them as outcasts, and now atheists want their members to embrace them in an effort to increase public acceptance? It is not logical.

It is not politically correct to object to this forced belief. You either accept the legitimacy of such groups as normal or you face expulsion and eventual shunning.

I have made my thoughts clear on these concepts. I am presently shunned by these religious atheists who have decided to accept ideologies and forsake reason. I will, as a result, never join or support any group.

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