The God Hypothesis…

Many scientists consider god an unnecessary hypothesis for explaining our existence. It is my claim that, far from being only an unnecessary hypothesis, god and religion are dangerous hypotheses.

Religion has held back the advancement of humanity for many thousands of years. Who knows what affliction we might have eradicated by now. Who can fathom what technological wonders we might have at this point if, only if, ignorance had not stood in the way.

Religion has brought humankind more death, destruction, and suffering than any other ideology. Other ideologies, even today, threaten family, men, boys, women, and the environment… but only religion holds the key to our final complete destruction. Both Christianity and Islam are death cults. They seek the destruction of this planet in order to initiate imagined events promised by their moldy, barbaric tomes. At this point in time, it appears, these factions may be winning.

Far from being a harmless, unnecessary hypothesis, religion is in essence a dark plan of control and destruction.

It is time to rid governments of believers of religions. They are too dangerous to be in charge. Their very ideologies cry for violence and death. Are there any good and decent people left to see this? Is it already too late?

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