House of Cards….

Which religion is real and which is Memorex? ®
It is my  contention that all are merely fabricated whole-cloth from human imagination. This discussion centers on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Clearly, the origins of Judaism cannot be fully delineated. Much seems to have begun before written language was available to preserve it. There is no doubt that originally it was passed by word of mouth. There is no way to know whether it was of the same nature in the beginning as when it was finally transcribed.
Is this the real religion? If one examines the history of the Jewish people it is clear that being a favorite of god was not their fate. Though I imagine looking through human history one can find a people as persecuted, as unfortunate, as unlucky as the Jewish people, it would be a task. Nowhere was it seen that a god of any kind stepped in to save the day. Biblical “history” has a few incidents, but even those are impossible to prove legitimate rather than folklore. Those who are not looking for reasons to preserve Judaism can dismiss this religion as untrue.

Christianity is entirely different in that its origins were clearly in literate times. From even shallow investigations it is easily found that Christianity originated no earlier than 70 C.E. and most likely much later than that. The Bible itself was voted into existence around the 4th century during Constantine’s stint as a Roman emperor. He directed Christianity as the national religion in an effort to pacify the people. There are no contemporary records of Christianity’s existence prior to 70 C.E. There are no Roman records of Jesus’ existence. In fact the only record of Jesus’ existence is within the pages of the Bible. Rome was meticulous in record keeping.

Islam originated with the prophet Muhammad (circa 570-632 A.D.). He introduced Islam in 610 A.D. He claimed to have been visited by an angel… in other words he either hallucinated, imagined, or had a dream. In any case, being founded upon both the Judaic and Christian platform, all he succeeded in doing was building a taller house of cards.

In conclusion it can be said that all are untrue.

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