Human Species Doomed… April 16, 2017

Although humans will linger for some time to come, as a species it is doomed.

The cause is radical feminism.

With the help of a number of men who formed a loose alliance called MGTOW, radical feminism has managed to guarantee the end to family. MGTOW, as you know, are a collective of men who have simply given up and walked away. Having eschewed marriage and women and “going their own way”, these men have guaranteed the victory of radical feminism and the eventual extinction of human-kind.

Feminism, now being taught in schools under the code name “empowerment”, has contaminated all women under thirty. They are no longer interested in family, nor children… all that matters is “career”. They are no longer fit for marriage.

Media, including animated and live action movies all teach the feminist message. There is no where that you can look on television or the big screen and not see men denigrated and women elevated.

This reinforces my misanthropic stance.

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