Contagion in a Closed Room… My Skin is Crawling… May 22, 2016

PC, politically correct and progressive demands that everyone accommodate every fetish imaginable. Society is forced to accept the presence of what amounts to a contagion… in a room of finite size… and close the door. With skin crawling, everyone looks at everyone else… those with fetishes most dangerous and strange… look all the same. Everyone looks at the other with askance. Those in power force the crowd together… whether you want to touch them or even have them in the vicinity is no longer an issue… they are there. No one is safe… not little Johnny… not little Susie… both are vulnerable.

In the name of human rights it has been decided that only the minorities matter… the majority can go suck eggs. Otherkins of all types, and soon more now unknown, will demand special privilege and consideration. A humanity gone mad.

They think themselves normal, these strange otherkin creatures. Under close examination it is clear that they suffer from mental aberrations. Instead of the public being forced to accommodate their twisted fetishes, the aberrant should be forced to assume residence in established sanatoriums. The public is being selfish and uncaring by ignoring their mental illness and with-holding treatment.

Indeed, humanity should be forced instead to recognize that our DNA is flawed and that a percentage of people will develop mental irregularities. Diversity never meant the acceptance of flaws as being normal. Most certainly and plainly it can be seen that a man who thinks he is a woman, or a woman who thinks she is a man, is deeply flawed. There are even more deep flaws, all taboo equally to mention as that mentioned in this paragraph.

If you have a car that backfires, you have it repaired, or junked. If your children have crooked teeth you have them straightened, or at least some parents do. Thyroid conditions are treated, infections are treated, even cleft palettes are corrected. Yet, larger flaws more apparent are dictated to be tolerated by an authoritarian government that has at last gone way too far. How soon the majority will push back is a simple measurement of time.

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