The Death of the Good Samaritan… February 28, 2016



My my… litigation here, litigation there, litigation everywhere.

Some people are learning that it simply does not pay to be a good samaritan. A woman helped pull her friend out of a burning car that she feared might explode and now the “friend” is suing her for pulling her out “improperly”. No good deed goes unpunished as a mad rush for money causes people to shed their humanity.

Now California courts have ruled that good samaritans can be sued. They have in reality ruled that good deeds done for others for any reason must be abandoned.

If you see someone in distress, be it man or woman, even if it seems so easy to lend a hand… refrain. Let them drown, bleed to death, and expire. Rush out of sight as fast as you can so no one can identify you as having been there and then sue you for that. That mugging over there… you can walk another direction just as easily as you can be sued. A bully picking on some little kid… you know what to do… look the other way and move on. Caring never really paid… but now that it becomes a case in a court of law… it can cost. Simply let the experts help… if there is anything left to help when they finally get there. At least if they are sued the city is liable, not you. It’s everyone for themselves… a terrible state of affairs, but true.

Maybe the dilemma can be solved with the use of release forms. Imagine coming up to a carcrashed car smashed against a tree in the wilderness. Get quickly out of your car… whoops, forgot the forms, so return to your car and fetch them. Exiting your car once again you heroically dash over to the auto, its hood wrenched open by the horrendous crash. The passenger, hanging out the broken window of the door, barely conscious, hears you exclaim “Here mam, please sign this form releasing me from liability. She mutters that she isn’t going to sign any ‘expletive’ form. Hearing this you move on to the driver who is lying on the ground having been expelled by the force of the crash. Unable to sign forms due to his unconscious state you are restrained from providing aid. Checking for any other passengers windshield ejectionand finding none, you reenter your car and drive off. This will work, if you aren’t seen by any other motorists, and if the occupants of the car are too otherwise distracted to determine your identity.

Most obviously, forms are impractical. Perhaps instead, the laws should be changed. Unless some kind of universal protection for samaritans is adopted… there should be no more samaritans.  

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