Anti-Society … February 14, 2016

I am not anti-social, though I am anti-society and that makes me shun society.

This revelation or might it be termed shock came to me within the last couple of years. I have through observation gleaned a stark truth:

Society is decidedly anti-male.

This objective perspective was arrived upon by realizing the truth about feminism, women, and the laws of the land.

I came to know that feminism was not to do with equality at all, despite the clever dictionary definition designed to depict it in that harmless fashion. The foundation of feminism is the fight against a patriarchy composed of all men that oppresses women. Think… is there anyone who does not hate their oppressor? This is when it became clear that feminism was a hate movement as well as a war on men to gain supremacy. Many feminists reject this truth… yet they have never spoken against or shouted down the feminists, who I call feminazis, that have spoken openly about their vehement hatred of all that is male.

Women have used sex to control men … well, forever. Feminists use it to get what they want from men. Feminists gain the alliance of duped men in this fashion. They hate gay men, yes even lesbians hate gay men, because they cannot control them with sex. Perhaps that is why feminists also hate these men who call themselves MGTOW.

Through the use of beguilement feminists have caused male politicians to create laws that have turned out to be de facto anti-male laws. These are:

1. Title IX … which has wrecked many a sports minded man’s potential career.

2. The so-called but misnamed Gender Equity Act, which has all but guaranteed a man will not receive higher education.

3. VAWA, which assumes only men are capable of domestic violence and therefore provides no provisions for men other than counseling to teach them to not commit domestic violence.

Typically courts return sentences to men that are far greater than those women receive… for the same crimes. Almost without fail, women are considered the most capable care taker of children and receive custody in divorce cases. Men are required many times to make alimony that is in excess of their earnings. Women, though some have been required to make alimony payments, often do not make such payments… but society always talks about dead-beat dads though women are percentage-wise more likely not to make the payments.

In colleges today there is something new that has been invented by the feminist elite… it is called “rape culture”. With subterfuge they inflate figures and proclaim that women could face a 1 in 5 chance of being raped. The real figure is a fraction of that… it has been proved. I have heard that a woman stands a greater chance of being hit by an asteroid than being raped in her lifetime. Nevertheless, the banter continues until it has been made so that every man is considered a potential rapist. Cries have gone out to teach men as early as elementary school that he must learn that he must not rape. The college thereafter wonders why less and less men attend year after year. It was once that 60% of enrollment was men… now down to about half that. Meanwhile women receive useless degrees in women’s studies and wonder why they are not hired for technical fields.

So society can go to hell… yes, I am an atheist, so that is an empty proclamation. I will no longer perform as a man has been taught he should in society. As I have stated before: a screaming woman, in frantic need of rescue, or help of any kind, will have to fend for herself. I will not lift a finger to help any one. No one will therefore help me you say? I have needed help in the past and no one came, so stuff it. I will take care of only myself and those close to me and no more.


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