Black On White Mob Violence … December 20, 2015

What’s this I hear about black on white mob violence? There are some who say this type of violence goes on frequently, regularly, in the major cities of the United States. blacks-beating-up-whites

Why isn’t it reported in the media? Many say it is because media moguls consider that it might be inflammatory or racist to report it. Yet, if it is white on black it is reported ad infinitum.

This type of violence is frequent and increasing. The level of violence involved is horrendous. Nevertheless, you never hear about it. It doesn’t fit the narrative. The story the media is selling is that blacks are the victim. Victimhood is an important thing to maintain. Anyone that points out that whites are the victims of black racism brings cries of racist and racism to the reporter. Video after video is available documenting these incidents, but they are ignored.

Dont make the black kids angry

Naysayers in mainstream media are numerous and loud. No one wants to become a target of this mob violence. If the public reacts in any way that opposes it the violence not only becomes more frequent but additionally vicious. black on white violence

The problem is real and the solutions will be difficult, but what is the alternative? Should we deconstruct cities? Should we fence of certain areas to keep people separated? Will our cities become war zones as different factions fight for control? Maybe the “melting pot” was not a good idea after all?

Black youth out of control

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