The Surrender … June 29, 2015

An idealistic, optimistic, view of humanity is unwarranted. Humans will never, can never, change. An individual can occasionally awaken and see the course human endeavors take, but most will either say “who cares” or “nothing can be done”. To a great extent it is true, nothing can be done.

Species after species has bitten the dust. Many species are now on that same road as unchecked human population growth continues. Many groups that promote wildlife preservation take in millions in donations… yet each year you are told there are more and more creatures declining in numbers, headed towards an untimely end. They are just as helpless as the cognizant individual. They are a waste of time and money in this fight against the inevitable extinction of creatures… including humanity.

resignedPerhaps it’s time for the shrug of the shoulder and the surrender in resignation. It’s time to admit the inevitability of it all and face the conclusion with poise and grace. Live your life and hope everything lasts long enough for your dignified departure. No reason for you to pull your hair out, develop worry lines, or spend your hard-earned cash in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable. Enjoy the time you have despite knowing that most of those born today will not see the years that you have experienced. It can’t be long now before it all comes crashing down. People are already starving here and there, animal species disappearing forever, the climate changing resulting in immense catastrophes. The ill winds of our demise approach quickly, they’re right around the corner. All I ask is perhaps another twenty years. I hope things can hold together another twenty years.

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