A Misanthrope’s Rant …. April 27, 2015

The stereotypical man is usually perceived as the protector, the courageous defender, the provider. As a result of the way society treats its males, this model, this stereotype, has become obsolete.

There is a definite anti-male slant in Western society. The laws, the courts, and public opinion of men as a whole has degraded. To be clear… men have not necessarily degraded, just the perception of what men are has degraded.

Feminism over the last fifty years has convinced the public that men are rapists, murderers, slouches, and in general no-good rotten scum. The only way for a man to be considered a hero these days is to be maimed or killed in the effort. Otherwise… it is just expected. A fireman can carry out an entire elementary class from a burning fire… but unless he is maimed or dies in the effort… it is but a day’s work. A policeman can save a dozen pedestrians from certain doom… but again… unless he ends up a mess on the floor… he’s just done his job. Who’s the hero to the feminists in these cases? The woman who called the fire department or police.

Business as usual for me is over. Yes, I will protect me and mine, but you and yours can drown, be shot, fall eighteen stories, expire from spontaneous combustion, impel yourself on a spike, leap in front of a speeding train, and I will simply stand and watch … if I have the time.

You and yours will be safe from me. But the lady having her purse snatched better not look my way asking me to give chase. The boy/girl getting beat up by punks better make his/her peace. I won’t do you any harm… but I won’t do you any favors either. I just don’t care any more and it’s your fault with your gynocentric societal slant. When society begins once again to appreciate the efforts of men I will change, perhaps, but I won’t be holding my breath.


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