Don’t Speak to Them, Do Not Interact With Them if Possible, and Certainly, Do Not Patronize Any Businesses Owned By Feminists … February 8, 2014

There is among us a group of haters. Many among this group are unaware that they hate. Those that are unaware are victims of this group just as much as those they hate. There are many names given to this group. An acronym NOW, Women’s Rights Activists, Empowered Women, or just plain feminists.

From its inception among the KKK this group of haters was formed very much like a Marxist group might be formed. They needed from the onset an enemy oppressor. This oppressor would be villainized by whatever means until the general public, including most of those that were hated, believed the message. False propaganda, including made up figures about pay gaps and “rape culture” and an imaginary “glass ceiling” would be used to convince women and men alike that these poor helpless females were being oppressed. Over and over, anti-male rhetoric would be repeated in all media until the public assumed its present state, that of total gynocentricity. That means favoring only women and girls over men and boys. The campaign would start with the youngest of females. It would be part of the Girl Scouts. The message of female empowerment would be instilled within the minds of these young girls. Female empowerment, meaning, convincing females that men are unnecessary and disposable.

Many men, and yes, even women, are waking up to realize the lies of feminism. The damage, regrettably, has already been done and is irreversible. There is an entire generation of females that have been poisoned by the message of feminism and have thus been rendered unfit for marriage, unfit for family. Even some of those women that assert they support men’s rights still cling to the lie that they face oppression in life. Once they are poisoned… the damage is done.

Now, through the help of a willing politically motivated government, the oppression of men has been made legal. Through de facto anti-male laws such as Title IX, The Gender Equity Act (which does nothing of the sort), and VAWA, men have just begun to realize the heel of tyranny has descended.

Despite all this, many females that participate in these groups think things should continue as if no such oppression of men has occurred. They still want doors opened for them, they still want to be treated as sugar and spice and everything nice. I think this should change.

When someone does something outside the guidelines set in the Amish community a shunning is in order. The shunned become non-existent. They no longer matter to the community. I propose that men shun feminists, no matter what name they go by, socially and professionally. Don’t speak to them, do not interact with them if possible, and certainly, most importantly, do not patronize any businesses owned by feminists.

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