The Little Children … November 9, 2014

      Soon there will be the Black Friday sales. Super bargains will be offered, but you better hurry. Best you be first in line, or you’ll miss out.

crowded entrance     There will be the usual news stories the days before the sale, people actually camped out at the front door of the stores waiting to get in, hoping to be first so they can get little Suzy that premium whatzits, or Little Timmy that fine thingamabob. The bargains will be good, but the quantities extremely limited. You have to be first in line or you’ll be sure to miss out. The fights begin, jostling for the spots to lay the bedroll so sleep can be had during the wait.

As the time approaches the crowd builds. Those who did not come to wait for three days in the cold find themselves the back of a building crowd. Those in front are shoved close to the doors. The doors nearly cave from the pressing masses. The doors spring open and the bedlam begins as eager parents rush into the melee.

All to save a few bucks on something a child will no doubt grow tired of in a few days. Such childish behavior elicited by stores nationwide. Just to generate cryingexcitement the merchants risk turning holiday shopping  into a riot.

The stores are not entirely to blame, they only set the stage. The real culprits are those who so willing come to act in the play. Surrendering their maturity to save a few dollars on an expensive gift, no doubt made in China.

Tempers are made to flare, friendships strained to near breaking, just to get theiranger3 alpha male angryhands on this years new gadget. All for a few dollars saved. Civilization surrendered for the sake of new toy. Insults hurled to gain a new bike. A happy season turned sour because of greed. People who are spoiled rotten by the plenty we enjoy declaring their willingness to throttle you to gain a little more.

I implore you to wait until the silliness is over. You may have to pay a little higher price but your sanity will stay intact. Stay home till these immature children have patienceclaimed their cheap prizes. Let them suffer the stress, let them age 2 years for your one. Sit back and enjoy your family on Black Friday. Have your kitchen stocked. You don’t even want to endure the madness of Black Friday at the grocery store. If you can’t get the whatever that the little crumb-cruncher wants tell them you will write them a rain-check, yes, teach them patience. Patience is so rare, teaching them patience is an expensive gift indeed.

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