Women and Children? .. Puh-leese! … November 3, 2014

“Women and Children first” is the cry often heard. The example cited is usually that of the Titanic.

A recent example of this gynocentric point of view is the “save the girls” plea about the kidnapped Africans. This occurred shortly after the slaughter of innocent boys in the same area about which there was never a mention in the western media.

Among populations there are many innocents. Men can be innocent also. Women can be non-innocents. Even if not actually involved in combat, women can serve as a support for combatants. At that point they are no longer innocent.

The stance that women and children are a priority must change. Women must not be given value that exceeds the value of men. If women actually desire equality they will agree with this point of view.

As a result of these events, and this reasoning, I will personally not answer any call that pleads “Women and children first” or “Save and protect the women and children”. I will only answer the call if the phrase is corrected to “Save (or protect) the innocent men, women, and children.”  If engaged in a noble defense, even the defenders are innocent and should be respected as such.

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