Is Christianity a Myth? …. September 29, 2014

If one examines the Egyptian Sun God Ra many similarities will be noted between Ra and the story of Jesus. In fact, the stories nearly parallel. It is apparent that the story of Jesus was plagiarized from the Sun God’s story. This is the basis for my assertion that Christianity started as sun worship.

If one does not think Ra real, and Christianity was taken from Ra’s story, can Jesus be real?

More clearly: If Ra does not exist, and most Christians will deny Ra exists, then can Jesus exist?

Clearly if one accepts that the story of the Egyptian Sun God Ra is a fabrication, and that the near parallel of Jesus’ story was taken from the story of Ra, Jesus never existed and Christianity has no foundation. If one says that the story may have been plagiarized but that Jesus did exist then one is admitting that the Bible is not the infallible word of God. 

Naturally no Christian can admit the two stories are one from the other. Christianity was never based in logic, it is totally tied to emotion. Emotion does not reason. No true believer will be swayed by logic. Does the true believer’s belief make the story of Jesus true? Of course not.

Conclusion: If one takes the Ra story as a fabrication and Ra non-existent; if one accepts the apparent truth that the Jesus story was extracted from the Ra story; if one insists that the Bible is the infallible word of God; then Jesus is fiction and Christianity a myth.

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