Sanity Ignored … September 15, 2014


Robot arms folded

As the world and its inhabitants decay into decadence and inevitable extinction, I watch. I really thought I would feel more sorrow at humanity’s demise. Even knowing that my own existence depended upon many of those degrading before my vision failed to raise the level of empathy within me. After watching, decade after decade, the gradual decline of the human condition my sense of caring has followed suit.

Humans have suffered much the same century upon century: fighting, dying, starving, killing. Sporadic cries for sanity go ignored, sometimes condemned. Some say there is no free will. Perhaps the continued carnage is testimony to that. Like automatons people war and rage. It just could be that the occasional sane cry is a spark of free will. The spark is fated always to be extinguished by the mob. Robot arms folded 2

My thoughts of empathy and sympathy do go out to touch the innocents. No, not the human flotsam twisting in their agonies, I feel naught for them. My caring reaches those who lived before mankind came, the kingdom humans by far considered their inferior. The flora and fauna of this planet suffer so, through no fault of their own. Their habitats diminished, their water sources poisoned, many used to extinction by the “needs” of humankind. These “intelligent” apes behave as if worlds like this exist in abundance.

I seem like some lonely observer, watching this tragedy play out. Unable to affect a change of course or influence others to take action, watching helplessly as the calamity unfolds. Perhaps that is my role, I can fantasize, I am here to observe and report.  At least, perhaps, through such a fantasy my feelings of frustration and helplessness can be side-stepped. How could I possibly be held accountable, should there be an accounting, when I have no role to play? That’s it. I am just an observer. I am recording the demise of a civilization. A demise caused by its own hand. Nothing more.

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