Anti-human Philosophies and Stances … August 25, 2014

Among the many belief systems and political stances there are many that are anti-human. Lacking compassion, having compassion only for one’s select group and no others, or holding bigoted, racist, or other unsavory opinions of others without just cause, these groups of people are the reason mankind continues to be in constant peril. Should certain groups gain significant political power, humanity may indeed expire in extinction.

Here are some I consider anti-human, a list that I will add to, from time to time:

1. Conservative Christian beliefs. Many other fundamentalist, bigoted, religious cults. (Any religious belief that elevates a deity above humanity)

2. Feminism.

3. Pure undiluted Capitalism.

4. Marxism.

5. Libertarian.

6. Nazism.

7. Communism.

8. Pure undiluted Socialism.

9. Anarchy


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