Feminism is Male Hatred …. June 16, 2014

Feminism is male hatred. Many feminists deny this, yet, since every single basis for feminism has been proven a lie and feminism continues it can only have one goal: Supremacy. The intention is to form a matriarchal government.

For the radical feminists to do this it will take some time. It is in progress, however, in schools, in society, as men are criminalized, denigrated, and even feminized. Eventually society will be conditioned, is already mostly so, to see men as bumbling idiots, incompetents, who cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. Society as a whole will come to accept that a matriarchal government, with men subjugated to lesser status, is the only solution.

“This can’t happen?” “When has this ever happened in history?” There is a first time for everything. Indeed, it may not be the first time. As Rome began its fall, women were ascending to power, men were leaving power.

Whenever men resist this march toward matriarchy they are met with immediate chastisement, criticism, whining, and crying. Men are loathe to resist women in any case, and easily become submissive in the face of humiliating rhetoric. How society ever came to believe women were more moral than men, I will never know. They are just as capable of evil, perhaps more inclined, than men. Ever hear of the old saying that concludes “… a woman scorned”? It exists for a reason.

I have heard women, and some hapless men, say that society would be better off if women were in charge. There have been societies where women have been in charge and they were every bit as war-like and immoral as any society men were in charge of.

Feminism has done nothing for women. It was never meant to. Its goal was always power, power for the radical feminists that are in charge.

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