I Want An Audience With the Author! ….. May 26, 2014

Here I sit, inactive. I have been told I have no free will. What will happen is predestined. So, having given up the futility of making the decisions of what it is to do next, I await the predestined actions that must occur next since I am but a leaf pushed by the wind of destiny. I continue to have thoughts, however, I suppose in violation of the law that there is no free will, of what I might be doing instead of sitting here waiting for my predestined actions to occur. Seems rather boring sitting waiting, but then, predictably predictable, as we all are, you knew ahead of time that I would be bored sitting here waiting, waiting, for my body, motivated by some predestined orders, thought of ahead of the question, to spring me into action. I imagine eventually some chemical release somewhere in my head will prompt my body, over which I have no control, no free will, causing me to rise and seek sustenance. There are so many different variables involved in moving through that space we call existence. Whatever made me think that my puny brain could handle so many computations, computations necessary to navigate my frame around so many obstacles while also breathing, also seeing, hearing, thinking predestined thoughts. It must be then that we are simply actors on some stage, perhaps more like puppets at the end of strings. Destiny controlling the strings. Who then writes the program for destiny? Is it written in whole, or does it manufacture itself a few moments ahead of actuality? Can it be influenced? If so, by whom, as no one can manage to come up with something new since there is no free will. Have atheists proven God’s existence by claiming free will’s non-existence, or have they dis-proven it. Who is writing the damn play?

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