The Chase … April 27, 2014

Are you planning to die? Has some sort of vigil been established in your waning years wherein you are sitting, looking out the window perhaps, waiting for the grim reaper to appear? Maybegrim reaper 2 you have already made your final plans, bought the grave site and the casket. Perhaps, in depressed anticipation you have finalized your personal affairs.

No, you do not have a terminal disease, no insurmountable pain. No, your last doctor’s appointment and subsequent examination did not forecast a gloomy future. You have reached a certain oldage, you think, where the end has to be near, it just has to. So you have given up life, for what’s the use. You’ll be dead soon anyway.

No plans have been made beyond the day. No plans, in fact, have been made at all. Your continued existence is a waste of time. You have made your final preparations and it’s time to go.tombstone

Do you linger like this?

Many people have depression worthy of thoughts about the end. Usually, though, such thoughts originate due to some affliction, a life-ending disease, or agony. Yours, however, has nothing to do with those. You have simply reached an age where you think nothing more death thinkingcan or should be done. In the absence of any organic malady you have simply started thinking yourself to death.

Why not instead savor each moment of your remaining seconds? Why not instead live each moment as if the next moment will most certainly arrive?happy
I think I would rather keel over during some activity planned, rather than be sitting, waiting to keel over.
So make your plans, even years in advance, chasing deatheven if you know that death is chasing you and could be waiting round the next corner.
Make death chase you, don’t wait for it to catch up.


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