Second Thoughts … February 24, 2014

I am having second thoughts about my participation in the atheist movement. The atheist movement seems tied too securely to the feminist movement. When a man says he is for equality feminists assume he is supporting their cause… in fact, when he does, he inadvertently is supporting the cause of feminism. Some of the feminist goals are to destroy the nuclear family, to berate and denigrate males, to make males and females interchangeable. Males and females have never been interchangeable, and any attempt to make it so will only end in misery, misery for both men and women. A call for equality is a call for making men and women interchangeable, a recipe for misery.

Henceforth I will support only Equal Stature, Different Function. Men were never meant to become women, and women were never meant to become men.

Comments, should anyone want to make them, are welcome. However, this is not a debate. This is reality.

Feminism has not just destroyed many male lives, many women are having second thoughts. Many women are waking up and asking “where have all the good men gone?” only to come to the conclusion that women, yes women, have destroyed them. Feminism has destroyed more women’s lives than men’s lives.

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