Perfection is Idealistic … February 17, 2014

Socialism will not work because Humanity is imperfect. People are greedy. Even the empathetic brains we are all born with are ineffective in alleviating this failing of humanity. Some people for some reason turn the feelings of empathy into sadistic delight in other’s tragedies. Others use the opportunity to place themselves in high positions. Sometimes it seems that those that plan for such a system think, foolishly, that they will be in charge.

Capitalism will not work. In it’s purest form it is stark, unfeeling. People become human resources to be used, abused, and discarded. Without some socialistic systems assisting capitalism, capitalism would fall, or be taken down by the masses. The only thing protecting the rich from destruction now are the social programs they protest so loudly against.

Anarchy is unworkable, an idealistic dream like all the others. Not only are we too uneducated to govern ourselves, we will always on average be so. Only the naïve dream of pure anarchy ever existing because they think that everyone someday will be intellectuals, or eliminated by wars which they envision. If ever enacted it will result in Chaos and the eventual fall of all of humanity.

Communism only works at the point of a gun. Who, that is American now, would ever want communes, and no such thing as personal space?

Therefore, only a blend of systems seems workable. China is blending capitalism and communism. America is blending capitalism and socialism. At this point it appears that China will be more successful because America is just plain stupid.

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