Some May Be Too Weak … January 20, 2014

I now present a possibility… perhaps there are those individuals who should not abandon religion.

To begin let’s consider the girl character on the movie “Paul”, the one which was highly religious, having been made so by her father. Upon being released from her religion (see the movie) she abandoned her morality. Swearing as well as other taboos were readily considered. How insane is that? Yes, it was fiction, but it parallels much behavior that I have seen.

I have noticed that many of the new atheists that you see and meet have this same weakness, that is, they think they have to become someone other than who they have been, in short: that they must become bad to the bone. Naturally, the reaction of former Christian friends and acquaintances is expressed in a knowing glance and the expression “I could see that coming.”

Perhaps those who think they must abandon their morals should stay religious. This does not mean that being religious helps them, only that, perhaps with association with other religious they might not be so quick to carry out the heinous acts which they are prone. Yes, I am asserting that these people are simply bad people, and are bad with or without religion. The only thing that has up to this point held their tendencies in check is close association with those who do not present the opportunity to bring their desires to fruition. These people would, however, just as quickly betray their brethren as they might any one else. I say, let them betray their brethren.

This leaves us in a quandary. When you attempt to “proselytize” them, or deprogram, whichever term you prefer, how do you know whether you are releasing someone who can handle it versus someone who is really a very bad person? The inevitable question most will ask also will be: “how do you define a bad person”? Does the terms rob, cheat, and murder still apply? I would think so.

Those that need the crutch of religion to keep from being in jail should not be deprived of it.

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