Residues Are Not Harmless … December 30, 2013

virusJust a little remains of the virus. Yet, should you take risks by going out in the cold without adequate protection, or exerting yourself a little bit much, that virus that brought you misery can rebound and provide another round. On the other hand, the residue, should you realize its presence, might make you over cautious and steps that might have strengthened you, are not taken.

A twinge of the virus may make you hold back and the strength that might have overcome a future trial is lost. All it takes is a little. Steps must be taken to eliminate the entirety of the disease. Your immunity to its power isfear then insured. Your power to fight it, enhanced.

Even a little faith is dangerous. A twinge of fear, a tremble in one’s countenance, reveals the presence of the god virus, the faith virus. This residue of faith reveals itself when you speak against the word, or the deity it represents. It catches in your throat, revealing your weakness. The virus still lurks within you.

If you speak short of saying “there is no god” and rather say “I don’t believe in god”, the virus still lurks, still is viable, and can return. If you say some blasphemous mouthing and look up expecting some bolt from the sky, even in jest, the virus may virusstill be present, though perhaps in nearly undetectable levels.

“Question with boldness even the existence of a god” said Thomas Jefferson. Speak jeffersonwith boldness and confidence when asserting the non-existence of any deity. It is hard to overcome the mental conditioning of religion, but it can be done. Do not hesitate to speak against the mythologies religion represents, and do not back down. In the end you will find that the religious have nothing with which to defend their beliefs. Though there might be some arguments made that are purposeless, vague, and complex supporting these myths, no matter its complexity, when boiled down it is empty, and without foundation. If you run out of arguments, or just get tired of their BS, start playing them for the fools they are. It’s easy, I’ve done it.

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