Your Religion Is Not Just Ridiculous, but Laughably So…. December 11, 2013

The abrahamic religions maintain that god (purposely not capitalized) created the smile vheavens and the earth for humanity. Many among the ranks of the believers marvel at how things seem just right for human existence and exclaim it could only be the work of a god. How absurd!

While the religious marvel at what we all call life, thinking errantly about its reason for existence, those that do not fear to think for themselves marvel at the level of ignorance required to accept the religious point of view. Earth, they realize, was not made for humans. It was the life that adapted to the conditions, not the conditions that adapted to the life.

cave manNevertheless there were those that insisted that both the heavens and the earth were made for man. We can see the ridiculousness of such a claim today. Here we sit, in a tiny bubble. We have adapted to various areas within this bubble. There are even areas within this bubble inhospitable to life. In these areas life is arduous and usually short. Outside this bubble we call the world, life would be even less possible, less probable. As our scientists scan the skies we see no alternatives as yet to our present universehome. We are faced with another question. Why create all that just for us? Why not just the world and the star we orbit? Why go to such a fuss for one species? The more we look the more ridiculous appear the claims of the religious.

Rather than a place custom made for man, this universe seems more made to accommodate the existence of black holes. Rather black holethan that, the black hole may be the progenitor of the galaxy, and perhaps the universe. Most every galaxy, it has been found, is home to a black hole also.

Even without the petty claims akin to magic performed by characters within the pages of the jewish bible, christian bible, or koran, just looking at the universe displayed before us is enough to reveal just how absurd and ridiculous the nature of all religion. Faith, it seems, is a useless tool when attempting to discern the truth.

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