No Fun Intended …. December 4, 2013

Dour faced the old woman looked upon her daughter’s son and said, “Those video games are too violent! They’ll make you do bad things. Get up and go outside andmean play.” The child protested, saying it was too cold outside, but the moment was won by the grandmother. As she looks out the door and observes the boy she notes he seems to be digging in the ground. She opens the door and shouts, “Quit digging in the ground, you’ll get all dirty.” The child speaks again to say he merely was constructing a road for his car to drive in, but again, he is over-ruled. The grandmother watches again as swingthe little boy climbs on the swing. She shouts, “Don’t go swinging now, I can’t come out now to keep you from hurting yourself.” “What am I supposed to do?!” shouts the boy. Don’t do this, don’t do that, what’s a little boy to do?

There are always those who try to boss. They tell you this or that is bad to do. They watch and criticize every move. They claim to know the best of ways. imageAfter all is said and done it seems though, what they know best is how not to have fun. They can’t seem to exist knowing others are having fun, while they sit idly, afraid to do anything that might seem…unseemly. Whether it be from lessons instilled by mean grandmotherparents or the local parsonage, inhibitions magnified by envy of those with more freedom tends to make a dour old fussbudget out of the most well-meaning individual.

Sometimes one wonders if envy of those who were having fun might have caused the development of some very restrictive systems of belief. In an effort to develop some kind of value to the crowd, even maybe to gain some influence therein, if those who are having such amusement could be convinced that this fun would lead to painful consequences… the lonely party would have some worth, maybe an elevated position within the group, if some way can be presented to escape such a fate.

Religion needs to control, it cannot afford to become inert, obsolete. All religions are busy trying to guide the masses. Freedom, especially of thought, is anathema to all hateful christiansreligions. Although presently somewhat quiescent here in the States, christianity, despite the opposing claim, despises freedom in any way. If not violently, it enforces the dictates of faith sternly where-ever it holds sway. Islam hates the Islamic hatefreedoms held in high regard here in this, the United States. Islam acts decisively to squash all freedom, even of thought, where it rules the day.

Religion squashes imagination. It stifles innovation. Religion frowns upon any new thing that distracts from the primary goal to spread the message of the faith. Anything that belief finds which is counter to its precepts is not only resisted mightily, but sometimes with violence. Any good the faithful hoped to do is cancelled by the result of the doctrine upon the people. War, bigotry, misogyny, and hatred become the legacy of the believer. It is soon realized that the promised good was, all along, a front, to spread the message of hate.

… And all this, because someone was too inhibited, to have a little fun.

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