Too Rude and Crude … November 13, 2013

There are many people who claim that they are outspoken, straightforward, to-the- point, or frank. They are proud of this habit of speaking without any notion of civility. If someone is hurt all the better as sometimes, it is asserted, the truth is painful. These apathetic individuals, lacking tact and manners, in their final hours wonder “Where have all my friends gone”.

“But with me you will always know where you stand”, they claim. I doubt so much that those holding such immature stances would receive such knowledge from others as they dish out, with thanks. There’s something wrong there, inside their cranium, so full of apathy and containing so little empathy. Do these louts go about insulting those with handicaps, those with disfigurements, those overweight or too thin? Surely, some day, those who have so much apathy and speak their minds without restraint will speak the wrong word to the wrong person and achieve an early end.

The world is full of calloused people, mean people, with deep throats that issue profanities, insults, and barbs. Beyond their families I cannot see any acquaintances more secure than casual. In time of need, and in old age, such brutish people will no doubt be abandoned. Despite pronouncements to the contrary most give what they get in exchange. My hand does not reach out to save the calloused, the outspoken, the frank of speech, but instead is clasped upon the hands of those who have kindness in their bearing.

Our species survived because of cooperation, not apathetic behavior. We succeeded due to our empathy for one another not because we didn’t care.

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