The Agnostic Trap …Who Ya Gonna call? … October 30, 2013

Theists seem determined to elevate a belief in a god to a universal level. Everybody, they insist, believes in god whether they admit it or not, even if it is not their god. If you leave an opening in the door, just a crack, they insist that you believe.

I have often stated that I am an atheist. It is clear to me that the concept ‘god’ is a construct of humanity, and nothing else. Theists insist that you cannot disprove the existence of god, and that no matter how little possibility that you leave for the possibility of god’s existence, that you believe.

I leave open only that it might be possible that some entity somewhere in the universe might exist that has some of the attributes we might designate god-like. I state clearly that this entity does not know humanity, that this entity did not construct the universe and instead was a product of the universe. This creature is of materials extant within the universe. Whether by technology or by unusual abilities this being might be mistaken by the less technically savvy or developed being as ‘god-like’. There is absolutely nothing of a supernatural nature about this being, though, through technology, it might cause us to think so. In other words, it is simply a being which, through evolution, has developed abilities which we might consider greater than our own. We have seen no evidence of such a being and so that is why we do not know of it and it not of us.

This is not good enough for some of these theists who insist that since there has been no disproof of god and that I leave the door open for some “god-like” being then I must believe there is a god. Also, of course, being under the spell of Christianity, these people insist that it is simply that I have not sought god in the correct way as the reason for my not knowing him.

If you leave the door open a crack, even like Richard Dawkins’ claim of atheism, theists claim you believe in god. If you claim you are 99.9999% atheist, they insist whatever is left is enough to make you agnostic.

Well, I am closing the door.

I will state it plainly. There are things and events that science has not explained. This does not in any way suggest some unknown conscious entity at work. Just because there are events and hidden answers now does not mean that the future will not provide these answers.

No one has known a god. None of the gods of man’s knowledge are real. If there were a god and it was knowable then there would not be a hundred gods. Everyone’s god would be the same without each disparate group having had contact with any other. There would be no need for evangelizing or proselytizing.

There are no supernatural events or experiences. Those claiming special events upon acceptance of certain doctrine have only their own brain to thank for creating the experience. This applies to other events and so called miracles as well. The brain is simply imperfect and fails to accurately interpret unknown phenomena.

I am now 100% atheist, even purer than Ivory® soap.

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8 Responses to The Agnostic Trap …Who Ya Gonna call? … October 30, 2013

  1. makagutu says:

    Your conclusion makes two of us!

  2. drenn1077 says:

    Good. I think there are more but they are afraid to make the conclusion.

  3. I don’t think agnosticism is an existentially tenable position.

  4. drenn1077 says:

    A very enlightened position.

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  5. drenn1077 says:

    There is no emptiness in my life. As far as self reliance…everyone depends on other human beings to some extent. It is not self reliance believers abandon, it is personal responsibility.

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  6. Midori Skies says:

    I leave about as much possibility open for the existence of the Loch Ness monster as a I do for gods. Yet no one tries to argue that leaving any possibility (however infinitismally small) open for Nessie somehow means I believe in Nessie, and no one tries to tell me I am “agnostic” with respect to Nessie.

    I’ve taken to not mentioning the infinitismally small possibility I leave open for the existence of gods. When I talk about Nessie, I say “there is no Loch Ness monster”, and when I talk about gods, I say “there are no gods”. Simple as that.

  7. drenn1077 says:

    No one is ever likely to say about the loch ness monster what they say about god. Don ‘t forget to give the loch ness monster three fiddy.

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