Peace Be With You … Sort of…. April 29, 2013

Islam is a religion of peace. Have you heard this before? Islam,Islamic,Moslems,religion,religious symbols,star and crescent

Ask Salman Rushdie about the peaceful intent of Islam’s adherents. Ask the Danish if Muslims are a peaceful lot. Ask the British.

Perhaps Islam isn’t violent. Perhaps it’s a case of “Islam doesn’t kill people, people kill people”.

Just as in any religion, the potential for mayhem exists. When Christianity was in charge of things its followers worked feverishly to force everyone to obey its edicts. From MP900384793[1]hanging to burning, nothing was too good for the unbeliever.

The problem is not the religion itself, though by itself it is barbaric. The problem is that there are some that will take advantage of the fact that belief in the non-existent leaves you vulnerable. That which does not exist cannot speak, so monstertherefore, others must speak for it. If a madman, or simply a crazy person, can support his/her ideas via religion he/she can persuade its adherents to do some crazy stuff.

Regardless of the mad men and women of the world, how is it that sane normal people can be persuaded to do their bidding? It is because the tomes from which all three major religions originate have barbaric and violent teachings within them. Christianity and Islam exhort their followers to spread the message far and wide. The Koran, Quran, or however you want to spell it, has over a hundred verses calling for violence against non-believers. As is observable in the world today, wherever Islam is in charge, or has a great number of followers, bedlam results. It’s not enough that they come to a country that allows them the freedom to exercise their beliefs as they see fit, they feel everyone must be forced to obey the directives Islam bldgof Islam.

So there’s the kicker… the reason these people claim to be peaceful. There will be peace but only after the sword has been used to eliminate or subjugate  everyone. When everyone is the same, there will be peace.

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