Destruction! I Will Rain Fire Upon You! … April 15, 2013

Everyone by law has the right to believe as they desire thanks to our Constitution and its amendments (Despite North Carolina’s recent insanity). Fine. Nevertheless, since I believe MC900149511faith in a non-provable god is irrational I have elected to be active in its eradication.

Accommodationists think that non-believers should reach out in an act of tolerance and be understanding of religious beliefs. After 911, and similar tragedies prompted by religious zealousness, a lot of people have a great understanding of the destructive tendencies of such belief. Preacher

It is time for those who have embraced reason to assert themselves. Usurpation of our government by the fundamentally religious (terminally delusional) should be resisted. No one that serves anyone other than the people who elected them should be permitted to hold public office.

No religious test for office? When an elected official has as their mandate from what they call a higher source rather than the people who went to the polls there should be a religious test. In any case, there is a religious test imposed upon every politician by the religious right. These people ask each politician about their religious convictions without fail. Despite the ban on church involvement in political arenas there is encouragement from the pulpit as to who the flock should vote, so as to avoid god’s imageholy punishment.

There being an illegal religious test for office already in progress, what is one more test exercised by those who think reason and logic should prevail? If there were not already one religious test, there would be no need for another.

Finding a candidate that does not support, or claim to support, religious principles in the United States is a difficult task. The reasoning person needs to read between the lines to ascertain whether a candidate actually is delusional, or is simply claiming delusion for the purposes of political necessity.

If people were on the whole honest then the detrimental nature of religion would be universally revealed. Mankind has suffered greatly at the hands of religion since it invented the first god. Any small advantages imparted by such irrational belief are outweighed by the disadvantages. I will let the reader do the research on the detrimental effects of religion as such endeavors always prove more profitable than having them presented without such effort. They are more likely to accept the facts if they find them through their own sweat and without coercion.research sweat This doesn’t mean that future posts will not present evidence of religion’s culpability. I have decided that I will actively support religion’s eradication, and being silent does not help this cause. Past posts have pointed out many of religion’s atrocities as well as demonstrated how delusional and disease-like the nature of belief can be. I came to my atheism through my own research. I was fortunate that my indoctrination was not deep and the cure not nearly as difficult as some.

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