Victims of the Juggernaut …

Chugging right along, and gaining speed, an unstoppable juggernaut races toward certain oblivion. The brakes don’t seem to work. No effort seems to be made to apply them. Everyone appears to be running around with their hands in the air. Are they shrugging? Are they expressing bewilderment? Are they simply apathetic?

The weight of this locomotive, barreling along at ever increasing speeds, tests the strength of its supports. Many on the juggernaut have expressed the concern that the thing is moving overly rapid. Numerous experts aboard have suggested that the brakes be applied before disaster appears. Some have given up, expressing the thought that perhaps the inertia is too great and it is too late. This may be the case.

The majority simply pooh pooh the danger. They claim that no matter the weight of the goliath, no matter the speed, everything will be alright. With righteousness they proceed to multiply the weight of the vehicle, it travels ever faster. These people, this majority, not only pooh pooh all efforts to slow the great beast, they are angry at any who propose to do so.

The enormous mass lumbers on, for how long no one can say. The tracks have broken, the load continues on, without direction.

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