I Has Powers! ….. January 21, 2013


Suppose I told you the little fellow above has special powers? Well, he sure does! He can control the weather! Now, I have to admit that that is a large pill to swallow, and it will go down hard, but, the facts are the facts. Being small, his powers are a little limited. Some storms seem just a mite too strong or bullheaded for him to avert. That being said, he’s brought a lot of sunshine where rain might have fallen.

Of course I know there will be some who will doubt. If the sunny day doesn’t happen as requested though, it’s probably due to the storm being too strong for the little fellow. Just the other day I requested a nice day so I could ride my cycle one last time before putting it on life support, and, sure enough, Sunday was sunny and mild right in November. Can you imagine?

Sometimes the little guy doesn’t feel like working his stuff so it doesn’t pay to ask. I assume he’s not being mean but merely wants me to wait till later. Other times he just wants different weather than I do, and then, well, he’s got the powers, I don’t.

You know what’s really hard to understand? I have the same problem trying to convince Christians that he’s the real McCoy as I do other folk. They believe in their God and he doesn’t always perform as they desire either, but nevertheless, they keep on believing, but not in the little guy that does such wonders with the weather, no… They tell me their God hears their prayers and answers them. Most of the time what they want to happen doesn’t happen. They don’t stop believing, no, they say it wasn’t his will or that God didn’t want to do it right then. Shoot, that’s what I say about the little guy. You ought to hear them when something goes their way though, such hollering you never heard.

I’ve been told I’m crazy, that no cat, even an adult cat has powers. I say prove it. Till you do I’m telling you it works. You’re just jealous cause your cat can’t do it.

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