Another Con-game Bites the Dust… January 9, 2013

Christianity is finished.

Some religious people maintain that to accept the Theory of Evolution as true is to also accept atheism.

This is not necessarily so. While the Theory of Evolution, which is, by the way, a fact, invalidates many of the assertions of the Bible, it does not in fact eliminate the possibility of some deity somewhere. Abiogenesis eliminates the need for a deity to have begun life here on earth, though it does not explain the origin of the Universe. Evolution and abiogenesis are not the same thing. To accept the fact that evolution is true does not require acceptance of abiogenesis, which has not yet been proven in any form. It is most likely that abiogenesis in some form is true, but, to repeat, no order of its procession and no evidence of its occurrence has been derived to date. (Which does not mean we are free to make up stuff).

This leaves an avenue through which the truth of evolution can be accepted and yet, for those weak of will and mind, keep the possibility of a God of some sort still available.

Unfortunately, like many of those Gods humankind has invented, evolution relegates Christianity to the God scrapheap of history.

Even the geological and fossil evidence is incompatible with Christianity. In the end, even reality is incompatible with Christianity. The Bible, by examining Genesis, states the earth is between 6000 and 7000 years old. Yet, evidence taken from tree rings, including petrified tree ring studies, can go back at least 11,000 years. Ice layers at or near the poles can be counted back nearly 800,000 years. Despite the outcries from fundamentalist Christians, the radioactive decay studies accurately measure that millions of years have passed on this earth.

Except in circles shrouded in ignorance, shielded from the truth of modern science, Christianity is finished. It is amazing that such a flimsy house of cards has stood this long. If not for the gullible and the weak-minded it would have folded long ago.


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