Why Did Hurricane Sandy Hit New York? ….. November 3, 2012

This excerpt from Alternet: A Christian religious leader has already claimed that Hurricane Sandy is further proof that “God is systematically destroying America” as political judgment for the “homosexual agenda.” John McTernan previously made similar allusions about Hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Isaac (2012), which he reiterated in his  urgent call to prayer posted Sunday evening.

Despite what anyone believes, of course, this is definitely not why Hurricane Sandy came up the coast and slammed into New York. It was a weather event.

John McTernan claims God is destroying America piecemeal as a result of homosexual agendas in the United States. Expect more of the same from carbon – copy evangelists throughout the country. Attribution of effects due to agency causes has always been customary of these fundamentalists after every major disaster. From Katrina, to Haiti, and even Japan, the enduring public has grown to expect them.

Many scientists attribute this freak event to the loss of sea ice from the arctic circle, in other words, global warming. Fundamentalists reject global warming statistics claiming that humankind’s feeble machinations are incapable of interfering with God’s plan, or God’s earth. If anything, since fundamentalists reject and resist efforts to reverse global warming, therefore lending to the causes of human-made weather changing green house gases, it can be said that Christianity is culpable for global warming and therefore Hurricane Sandy. This is not the first time that Christianity was the cause of the very scourge that they claim to be the cure for. After all, sin is the disease which Christianity claims is the bane of all humanity, a disease they invented, for which they offer the cure, salvation. The real cure would have been the early diminishment of greenhouse gases through scientific study and analysis and generation of better techniques. Christianity, especially bull-headed, conservative – right  Christianity, has always stood in the way of any steps that might effect business, environment be damned. After all, who needs clean water, clean air, and a good living environment if Jesus is coming any day now.

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