Republican lies

Republican lies, read… Conservative lies. Conservatives tend to support the Republican party. Conservatives tend to be religious, and having learned how to deceive from the experts in the pulpits, are masters of deception. From a perspective skewed by belief, nothing said by such people is exactly as it appears.

Some of the major players are prominently displayed on a daily basis, spewing hatred, bigotry, and deceit, courtesy of radio and TV. They speak from what they say is a moral pillar, but is in truth, just the opposite. We get half-truths, and outright lies daily from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the darling of conservatives, and that maniac, near lunatic, Glenn Beck. Fox News, a central collector of decrepit sewage, twists, obfuscates, and generally distorts truth and morality to suit it’s own bought and paid for opinions. Like parrots, chirping in unison, the general conservative public at large, takes up the chant. They actually believe the lies, like tax breaks for the rich brings jobs. They watch the jobs go overseas and down south across the border, and observe the rich getting richer, and still vote for the conservative ticket, wholesale.

Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly accused Obama of desiring the destruction of this country, denigrated Obamas efforts at every opportunity, and cheered on those who worked tirelessly to undermine every effort Obama has made to remedy the economy bequeathed him by Bush. It is my opinion that Rush and Glenn have the same problem. They are both racists, as are many conservatives. Never have I seen such lies told about any Democrat by those on the other side of the aisle, until now.

That, and the imminent approaching need for the possible appointment of new Supreme court justices has left the Republican Party in such frantic need to make sure a second term for Obama never sees the light of day, that all stops have been pulled, and no matter how underhanded the act; full speed ahead.

Obama, meanwhile, not anyone’s darling candidate, remains the best hope for America. While not a strong figure, in fact one that holds finger to the wind, he is heads above Mitt Romney, whose only concern, is for himself. I want Obama to have a second term, unfettered, to see if he is capable of more, as I think he is. Perhaps without the pressure of another election he will take those hard steps which the nation needs. Those steps will no doubt lead to a republican president thereafter, elected by a dense and ignorant base, but maybe at least one step can be taken in the right direction before then.

Any working man that votes Republican is an self-deprecating self-loathing, ignorant idiot.

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