What Kind of World

What kind of a world would we have if a fundamental Theocracy were erected in the United States? Supposing that a fundamentalist Theocrat were elected as president and a majority of fundamentalist Theocrats were elected to both House and Senate what would we become in the United States. (There are now 50 or more in the House and Senate that do not accept the principle of Separation of Church and State)

First of all, I would imagine, they would act to rid us of that pesky document, the Constitution. The Bill of Rights would soon follow it onto the dung heap. A new constitution would be written which reflects God’s law. As a result, the presidency would become a hollow position, holding no real power beyond enacting the dictates of the Church, whatever church that president is a subservient.

The first to be realized, of course, is the fall of the concept of free speech, at least any speech that might be critical of religion. (Even now any speech critical of religion is frowned upon by the majority, silenced where possible) Any one who dare speak any words that can so much as be taken as a criticism of biblical law would face formidable fines, possibly imprisonment. ( Islamic peoples have already attempted to pass motions on this in the United Nations)

Science, the search for knowledge, could probably continue, under close scrutiny. Anything that would contradict biblical doctrine, like evolution, would have to be abandoned;  text books for schools will be written to reflect this policy. (Texas is doing so now)   Those educators that opposed such, and continued to teach such topics would either be out of a job or imprisoned. America would continue it’s decline in technological supremacy and the economy would follow suit. The only field of study, the only technological advances, would be in the area of weaponry, war. Medical advances, research, will no longer be present. Who needs them when the only medicine accepted is prayer?

Weaponry needed for the advancement of Christianity in those countries that resist it will flourish. New ways will be found to vanquish the enemies of America. If it seems that other entities opposing the will of God are close to shutting down America, the final answer, a bomb of unimaginable power, will be ready at America’s command, to bring on final annihilation, the end of life on Earth.

Church attendance will be mandatory. Those who cannot prove affiliation with a Christian church will be restricted in employment and other areas. Perhaps some way to establish Christian alliance will be found necessary. Maybe a mark of the wrist or forehead. Many would balk at this, saying it was “the mark of the beast”, so maybe instead a chip implanted in the wrist, so a simple swipe over a detection device will be sufficient. Those who do not possess the mark will be limited in employment,education, and choice in buying or trading.

In my opinion the “mark of the Beast” will not come from an “evil” society, but will have it’s source in religion. The beast will not be the mythical Satan, but the Church. (or as surmised below, the Mosque)

Christianity isn’t the only religion in the world, we could end up under an Islamic regime. It is not inconceivable that with the passage of time the numbers of Muslim adherence could out number any other. Life under such a regime would be similar to the life described above. Punishments would no doubt be much harsher, with “death” to the infidel being the order of the day.

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