Nature Doesn’t Care That It Doesn’t Care

In 2005 one of the most devastating hurricanes, hurricane Katrina, struck Louisiana. In 2010 a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti. In short order the mentally unstable proclaimed that these disasters were punishments for sins against God.

Both disasters were in reality simply random acts of nature. Neither were for any purpose nor were they done with evil intent. Evil exists only as a concept in the minds of human beings.  Nature has no consciousness and is indifferent to the life which inhabits this world.

Why were these exclamations made? Most likely to further the cause of the individual proclaiming it. Possibly an effort to make themselves appear more important in the scheme of things.

Neither Louisiana nor Haiti were guilty of anything which would have warranted such devastation. These were simply natural disasters which can occur anywhere, anytime. Nature is neither aware, nor guided by any force. Nature is indifferent.

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