Arrogant Atheist

On the blog-site of our local newspaper there was many a time when I was labeled arrogant. Although I was careful to present factual evidence of my position on most occasions I suppose on some I did not. However, most of the time it was easy to do a search on Google and find the appropriate information backing up my claims. Hence, I brushed it off as laziness, perhaps on my part, but also on the readers part for asking for information easily obtainable by his/her own efforts.

When I present the idea that atheists, when doing good are of a higher caliber than when Christians doing good, many times I have also received the “arrogant” label. By using reason you can easily see how I am right, and the arrogant label is misplaced.

Christians do good deeds, this is not in dispute, but the basis for their good deeds, what prompts them to action, is in dispute. The main object of giving and doing good works for Christians, is to please God. Why do they want to please God? They want a place in Heaven, and they want to avoid a place in Hell. Ignored is the fact that they also receive that good feeling of helping their fellow human being.

Atheists do not expect a reward for doing good works, neither do they fear an eternity in agony. All they get is the good feeling and the knowledge that they have helped a fellow traveler on this planet in time of need.

Since there is no God, at least that we know of, Christians only receive the good feeling, and anything else is totally mental on their part. Atheist and Christian receive the same reward, so to speak, therefore each act of kindness is of equal value. Neither party is in any way better than the other. Although the Atheist’s ethics really exceed the Christians in the area of doing works, claiming such higher ground on the part of the Atheist could be perceived as arrogance.

No matter what you do, you can’t please everybody.

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