Easter Eggs and Rabbits

For Christianity, Easter is all about the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. However, what if none of it took place, what if Jesus never existed at all?

Christianity has sought to substantiate the existence of Jesus from the second or third century C.E. until the present time. Through forgeries and lies and improper translations the effort began with Church priests from the second or third century, who, desiring a messiah, instead of a heavenly Jesus, decided to invent one. Up until that time he was thought merely a heavenly figure with no connection to our plane of existence. Such a being, having no history, needed history, and so history was manufactured.

Even now it is plain to see: there are no records of the existence of Jesus outside a book of ancient scripture. No historic record exists of Jesus even with writers who plainly took notice of everything else; except this miraculous being who could walk on water, cure disease, and feed crowds from a  basket way too small to hold enough food. No mention of this God become man, who plainly stated it, performed miracles, was resurrected, along with multiple corpses from nearby graves or not depending on the account read, who ascended to heaven on a cloud, but promised to return within the lifetimes of those present at his sermons.

Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, Tammuz and other Gods that preceded Jesus were obvious models from which the deity Jesus was drawn. All were born of a virgin. Each are members of the life-death-rebirth club. There is just as much evidence supporting the existence of any of them. (Zilch).

Some say, well, prove George Washington existed. There are numerous references to George Washington being real, from what others wrote, to what the man himself wrote. Jesus wrote nothing, put nothing in writing, and is only the subject of 4 different books, by anonymous writers, in the bible, and no where else .

Scholars believe the name Easter is derived from Oestar, Ostera or Eostre a goddess of spring and renewal ,a fertility goddess, for whom a spring festival was held annually. It is from this pagan festival that some of our Easter customs have come. The egg may be the “oldest and most universal symbol of rebirth and new life.

Even before the birth of Christ, Egyptians and Persians dyed eggs in bright colors and gave them to friends as a symbol of renewed life.

There are absolutely no verses, anywhere in the Bible, that authorize or endorse the keeping of Easter celebration! The Bible says nothing about Lent, eggs and egg hunts, or baskets of candy.

Easter eggs and rabbits? Both symbols of renewal, and fertility. Both parts of festivals existing before Jesus was a thought in someone’s head.

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