The Ultimate Goal

apocalypse 2

Christianity claims beneficent  intentions. Feeding and clothing the poor are among those claimed intentions. Good works by the church, however, usually also involve proselytizing the patrons. This proselytizing is the tool used to help achieve the ultimate envisioned goal: The destruction of humanity.

Once the proselytizing is complete, and all upon the face of the Earth are aware of the message, it is said that Armageddon will ensue. There are some very prominent Christians on record as stating that they look forward with glee to the time when those who will not convert are gnashing their teeth in agony.

Let’s take a closer look at the claimed intentions. Alleviating the suffering of the poor is not the goal of these claimed intentions. Were they to accomplish the goal of ending the suffering of people they would instantly lose their appeal to same. To have a ready supply of potential converts, the poor and suffering must exist. Even Mother Teresa realized this, as she only took small amounts of supplies when she visited impoverished areas. Jesus proclaimed no interest in alleviating suffering of the poor, stating that the poor will always be with us.

If God was so very powerful, and if the deification of Jesus is to be accepted, then why didn’t he take care of the poor, instead of merely stating the obvious.

The church, read all religion, perpetuates and strengthens poverty by advocating unprotected procreation and a zero policy on abortion. (Some churches, some religions, have ignored fundamentalist interpretations so as to allow the use of contraceptives and allow abortion under some circumstances) Unchecked population growth of humanity has taxed the world’s resources to near breaking point. This too, contributes to the ultimate goal: Armageddon.

I hereby proclaim that those that desire Armageddon and the subsequent destruction of humanity are human failures. Unable to endure the rigors of life, unable to achieve their material desires, unable to control other peoples’ lives, they have simply given up. Yes, given up. They impress me as a people who have no hope except that promised in a children’s fairy tale. And… the church wouldn’t have it any other way.

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