Why No One Matters

Each individual is a world. Each has their own concept of the ways things should be. Some base them on fantasies, others on reality, others on a mixture of both fantasy and reality.

One individual’s world does not necessarily interact or depend upon another’s world. Realities are separate and neither affects or is dependent on the other. Degrees of interaction may require compartments of one to be dependent on the other, but only to the degree of content, not existence. The whole is not damaged by the altering or loss of a compartment. The world of one, continues, regardless, whole, complete, repairable.

The oppressive nature of some, that insist their realities are the only realities, are irrelevant, as they are irrelevant. No one can know true reality as no one is unfettered by some distortion created by personal notions of the way things should be. Such an unfettered person, who most likely can never be encountered, would  seem strange  indeed. Would the person, who cannot know reality, even perceive someone who is totally reality based, and recognize them as such? Could such a person be observed? Recognized? An individual, fettered by distortions created by personal notions, would no doubt impose such distortions upon the unfettered, without realization of having done so. This is where assumptions, and misunderstandings originate. Seeing something of yourself, thinking they are similar, is a cause of much turmoil within human society.

Once a reality comes into existence, altering it is impossible. Small incremental changes can be made, but as said before, the whole, continues. Realizations can be achieved, as my realization that each individual is a collection of notions, and a separate reality. Behavior can be modified to accommodate this observation, to alleviate personal disappointment and stress, but care must be taken to never assume anything.

In the end, each individual is a world of one, each reality a creation of the individual, whereas interaction between realities is possible in a limited way, from separate perspectives, each reality is independent of all others, existing by itself. No one’s reality matters to anyone else’s, therefore no one else matters, except, in a compartment of one’s own reality.

The only way peace will ever materialize for humanity is for everyone realizing the reality of separation of realities. No one sees the same thing, in anything, no assumptions can be made.  No one sees the same issue in the same way, ever. There is always some nuance which is different, and unless such differences are accommodated, there will always be conflict.


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