Time to End the Free Ride

It has been estimated that if religious institutions were taxed like all other business enterprises the income tax on individuals could be cut by 50% as well as provide the government with adequate funds to finance a national health care program.

Religions are a business. Churches, religions, are in the business of selling salvation, forgiveness, and whereas some of their services, like counseling, may seem intangible, no more so than the services of a psychiatrist.

Churches also charge fees for various ceremonies. Examples include: marriages, funerals, communions. Income is also realized from the operation of schools, collections, donations, investments.

In addition, land owned by religious institutions is not taxed, which results in a great loss of revenue for communities.

Through these tax breaks all Americans are forced to subsidize religious institutions. Nonbelievers are also forced to subsidize this religious business without any recourse. Churches are being maintained and reaping profits with the help of Atheist citizens. No one should be forced to support any religious institution. This outrage must be ended.

jesus car

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