2010, Ignorance Still Prevalent

ostrich manEvolution is now a proven fact. In the face of much opposition, mostly from the religious right, evolution as a scientific fact has withstood all challenges.

Preferring to believe the biblical hocus pocus viewpoint fundamentalists continue to shout opposition, but end up mostly just airing out their lungs. They search frantically in their grab-bag for evidence for creationism or it’s fancy younger brother, intelligent design, and come up empty. The search, though vain, continues, for they feel there surely must be such evidence to support the lord’s designs. Year after year they make attempts to force their beliefs on the public by trying to instill the study of the bible and it’s creationist concepts into the public schools. Year after year they are resisted. Schools opt for science instead of fantasy and myth.

Most all people who profess belief simply want to believe and have deceived themselves into thinking that they do believe. If they really believed and believed that the bible was the word of god then why wouldn’t  they spend every waking moment studying the bible? Since all other materials have been written by the simple mind of man, why would they bother reading anything else? 

Their present lives are so trivial and short and what awaits them is eternal paradise, why do they endeavor to do anything in this life? What matter is it that in this life they suffer misery and poverty? Why do they work? Why waste time on such trivial pursuits? Why do Christian schools teach anything other than the word of god? Math, science, the arts, so trivial in comparison to the true word of god.

After all, a trillion years from now, while enjoying paradise, will anyone care what their brief lives on earth were like? Will they care what they did for a living? Our lives on Earth will seem less that one frame of a lengthy movie. What difference would it make if it had simply been edited out?

The truth is, most don’t believe, but have deceived themselves into thinking they do. If the bible was the word of god and they believed it, nothing else would matter. If they did believe, and did  work, it would be for the cause in service to whatever would further it. Ten percent would not be sufficient, only 100% would do. Something so important cannot be given lip service. Every moment would be spent “in the spirit” in service, with no time for the big game, no time for reading anything other than the bible, and no time to spend working a daily job. Such people would become transients, totally dependent on the good will of those who say they believe but don’t, or those that assert they don’t believe, and as such these transients would become a burden on society. The lord provides? Not in reality, not in the real world. People thank god for the things they have, the food they eat, but really, it’s either the fruit of their labors, or someone else’s. God had nothing to do with it. No god has anything to do with anything in this world.

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