The Accommodators

The Accommodators, also known as the enablers.

As there is no evidence for the existence of any god whatsoever, for religion to exist, blind faith is required. Blind faith is required also for the acceptance of many of the outrageous claims within the religion. Outside of religion such irrational concepts are not believed. For example, if I were to proclaim I could walk on water, though there might be some nut cases who would believe it, most would dismiss it. Yet, within the ranks of the believer, there are people who accept that someone did walk on water despite the fact that the surface tension of water is unable to support more than a bug’s weight.

Many non-believers, in a vain hope of defusing the dangers of religion, wish to adopt a stance of live and let live, attempting to accommodate religion and get believers on board with some of the issues of concern with them. This is encouraging delusional behavior. Whereas everyone has the right to believe whatever of their choosing, a collusion between believers and non-believers would be possible only on a few scant issues, and not for some believers, they being fundamentalists, who are intolerant of all other belief and non-belief systems.

Why should behavior which is delusional and dangerous be encouraged? Constitutionally, much delusional belief and behavior, though not encouraged, is tolerated. Nonetheless, toleration should not be extended to accommodation. Enabling a delusion is immoral, and as detrimental to society as enabling a drunk, or drug addict.

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