Why Noah’s Ark never saw the light of day:

1. adapted from earlier Babylonian myths.

The Noah’s Ark story and the more ancient Galgamesh stories have many points in common. Of course the true believer claims their version is older, which has been proven false by scientific examination of the materials. It is obvious the Noah Story was adapted by the Hebrews from the earlier Babylonian stories.

2. No evidence of world wide flood.

There is no geological evidence of a world wide flood. Sedimentary levels by the hundreds, laid down over many millions of years are evident, and could not have been deposited in a single flood event.

3. Animal dispersal problem.

There is no way the animals could have been distributed in the manner that they are if all animals were aboard and ark that landed on the top of a mountain.

4.Provisions for animals aboard the ark?

The sheer impossibility of providing sustenance for the animals is insurmountable. The time, space, and feeding requirements of various animals would be beyond the scope of the tiny crew and the room aboard the vessel.

5.Ancestral lineages can be traced further back. Civilizations can also.

Our DNA does not reveal only 5000 years of existence but many 10’s of thousands. Our DNA alone is enough to dispel the myth that all human life is only 5000 years old.

6. Noah’s flood a local river event.

Many civilizations over history have recorded catastrophic floods in their legends. However, the problem with these accounts is that none of them occur at the same point in time. All were evidently local events, or were entirely based on myth so as to relate some moral or story.

7. Time and resources wasted in Ark search.

The immense loss of time and resources in pursuit of the non-existent things such as ghosts and things mentioned in myth, such as Unicorns and  the Ark is astounding. How much more could have been done for the welfare of humanity if these great mounds of resources had not been spent in the pursuit of the mythical figures and artifacts of lore. Absolutely no credible evidence has been found for the existence of Noah’s Ark. It seems that almost yearly some expedition to Mt Ararat, or some satellite scan claims to have found “signs” of some ship. Even scraps of wood have been presented as evidence, only later to be proven of insufficient age, or not related to such a craft at all. Give it up. Spend the money on something more relevant, like feeding or housing or clothing someone.



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