The Myth of Race

No creature on Earth is more infatuated with race than human beings. There is no other area that generates needless angst to the same degree, unless it be religion. Yes, there are things about which humans concern themselves like politics, or social issues, but not without at least some real reason for the difference in opinions and outlooks. Where race is concerned, there are no real reasons.

To say that all human beings are identical would be to ignore differences in color or body structure. Such superficial differences are however the basis of much discord concerning race. But to base such discord on these superficial differences is the same as those who look at the individual with a large nose and proclaim them ugly. In every aspect this human would be similar to every other in that group except that person has a large proboscis. Depending on the proportional difference the individual would face either never-ending jokes or downright ridicule.

Initially all humans started with a group of primitive man situated somewhere in Africa. This group eventually fanned out over the globe filling niches everywhere that accommodated the needs of human survival. These were areas which had different natural forces which initiated natural selection forces. Those that moved into equatorial areas developed more melanin in their skins as a shield to the increased  infrared radiation at those climes. Those that moved northerly had less need for the protective melanin and hence had less in their skin. Over the millennia natural selection, working with the occasional mutant gene also produced variations in bodily structure. Those humans that were successful passed along these variations to their offspring. Differing, disparate groups soon did not look as much alike, but essentially, beyond the cosmetic, remained much the same. This is reality. There are belief systems that would separate humanity into differing races by claiming that they were created separately. Science has proven them totally bogus. We really are all brothers and sisters underneath the cosmetic differences.

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