The God Delusion

I hope Richard Dawkins will forgive my use of the title of his book. This title explains much as to why non-believers and believers have reached a loggerhead.

When believers ask you to accept their beliefs blindly what they are asking is for you to enter a state wherein your critical thinking and reasoning power is suspended. You are to accept on blind faith concepts which are totally adverse to common sense and reason.

Whereas you present truth and logic based on evidence, this truth and logic does not mean that the believer will be convinced. After all, christians are in a state of suspended logic when exercising blind faith. While in this state they cannot see the non-believer’s side of the argument, and the non-believer, not in the suspended state, will never see the side of the arguments presented by the believer.

Much like the drinker of alcohol, who believes they sound more intelligent under the influence, so do the believers in blind faith. The pentecostals who get “drunk” on the lord and have delusions like speaking in tongues are an extreme example of this phenomenon.

There you have it. Will this mean I will stop trying? No. As long christians are trying to persuade others into their delusion I must oppose them in an attempt to deter the return to the blind faith which was exhibited by the Dark Ages, when religion ruled. I will do this for the sake of those who have not yet fallen to the blind faith doctrine. To show that to be a good person, and have moral standings, no god need apply, and to show nonbelievers they are not alone.

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