At the Center Ring: The Most Intelligent Animal on Earth!

From the most simple of atoms and compounds life sprang forth in the form of primal molecules. Over the eons these molecules under the energy providing sun progressed into more complex forms. First single cell animals, then organisms composed of individual cells. Progressively through random mutation and natural selection pressures these simple organisms grew more complex.

For millions of years survival meant either eat or be eaten. Brains were of use even then in the form of savvy for hunting, but intellect was not yet selected for in the race for survival. Mostly survival meant a robust procreative drive. The more offspring the more likely the survival of the species.

Then a short few million years ago a species arose that had a larger brain. Through nutrition gains developed from cooking food this animal was able to support it’s energy intensive brain. In a short time, compared to the eons, this creature, this animal, developed an ever larger brain. The development of instruments for cutting, hunting, followed suit. Here was a thinking animal, capable of dominating even heretofore much larger physically superior creatures.

There was however a limit to what this intellect could understand. Questions that could not be answered due to primitive knowledge at the time. Out of fear, out of need to understand, this primitive creature desperately needed answers. Individual leaders, not wanting to seem out of control of things began to fill in the vacuum of knowledge with fabricated conjecture. What were the lights in the sky at night? What caused the thunder in the storms? What caused the great catastrophes which came and tested mettle of both man and beast? Mythical entities were invented to fill the gaps in the knowledge. What caused the sun to rise each day? Why, it was the sun God. Why did the ground quake? It was a being in the Earth turning over in it’s slumber. Every where there was no understanding a God filled that gap.

In recent times many “Gods in the Gap” have been eliminated, but many persist. The questions are more complex now. Science strives to answer them. Nevertheless, the primitive need to feel secure and that things are under control persists. No one definitively knows how life began on this Earth, so many cling to a God to fill that Gap. No one wants the end of this life to be the end totally so a God is put in control to make death less fearful.

Even though the facts are in and the progression of life has been made knowledge by Darwins genius many gaps in knowledge by way of fossil evidence are gaps filled by the religious with a God. Dismissing new information from genetic discoveries these people, mollified by religious belief continue to persist in ancient dogmatic beliefs.

Feeding an industry bent on stifling the progression of knowledge the religious pour millions of dollars into religious institutions. The very institutions which may lead to the eventual decline and extinction of the human race. Each year school districts face pressure to teach the myths of creation science, or now named Intelligent Design. The United States, already falling behind in science is facing this threat in many southern states which are virtual pits of religious ignorance.

This human race, not content with being the most advanced creature on the face of the Earth for some reason continues to denigrate itself by giving credit instead to a mythical deity.

I say it’s time to stop being so humble and take the credit ourselves. The superb piano player, working hard, practicing unceasingly, is responsible for the fantastic music produced. His talents were in no way originated by a deity. The craftsman who sculptures a fine statue is responsible for his creations. His talents did not pour forth from some mythical being. It’s time to enter the new millennium, leave ignorant ravings behind, and be responsible for ourselves.

In the middle ring we have the human race, wondrous creatures, capable and intelligent. Watch them perform, watch them excel. The most intelligent animal on Earth!

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