Nonbelievers, It’s Awful Dark in There, Come Out I say….

A closet is dark and who knows what therein lurks. Why hide there, come out Atheist. Show yourself, be heard. It’s time to let the world know a new era of Common Sense and Reason is at hand. Cast away the chains of religion, come forth and speak. If there was ever a time in humanity’s history where common sense and reason is needed, it is now!

Many areas of the country are trying to turn back the clock, to the Dark Ages, when religion ruled. Science is being attacked on many fronts. Yes, they are attacking with baseless religious dogma, but with repetition many are being duped into it.,1863,The-Psychology-Behind-CultsReligion,Hypnosis-Control

If you are a closet atheist send me an email at:




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